Sunday, June 29, 2014

Forgive me blog, for I have sinned.

**Apologies for the slightly Catholic opening (I was, myself, slightly Catholic growing up and parts of it seemed to stick...)**

So it's time to come clean on a couple things:
  • Even though I wrote a book, I don't love to write.  
  • Because I don't love to write, writing a book totally burned me out on writing and I'm only barely recovering.
  • Even though I was always told my ELA-type scores and numbers were better than my math/science, I've always liked math/science a lot more.
  • I've convinced myself that in the past two years I haven't had time to blog much because of all the changeover in getting a new job, having a third awesome little girl, and a million other things.  But that's not true- it doesn't take long for me to share thoughts once I start tapping away.  
  • I like to share ideas, but I wonder how new friends and colleagues will take them.  Not worried, per se, just wondering.
  • I have about 20 draft posts that I've never fleshed out.  Maybe the idea that I have to flesh them out is the problem....maybe just quicker snippets is where I need to head!
So all of this adds up to me not really doing much blogging at all these past couple years.  But being at ISTE again has re-lit a bit of a bug in me to share.  So, blog, I beg for forgiveness for your neglect, gathering dust in the corners of the Ed Tech universe....  but I think I'm gonna drag you back into the light, polish you off, and see what kinds of stuff might pop out.  

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