Sunday, March 17, 2013

Even more reasons to push student digital footprints forward

I ran across this article tonight: College admissions using social media to evaluate applicants .

It talks about a Kaplan survey that now shows that 27% of college admissions departments are now checking out applicants online to see if they'd be a good fit.  That number is up from 10% in 2008.

I actually expected that number to be higher by now, especially considering employers are now up over 90% in the same area .  The article above helps explain why there is a discrepancy, though, and it makes sense- colleges receive a lot more applications yearly and their staffing is usually much lower per applicant than a businesses' HR department.

But the trend is obvious in both- our students are graduating into a new world where their digital footprints are being used to screen them for both employment and college admission.  I've talked a lot about this before, but we're simply doing students a disservice if we are not preparing them for this new reality in our schools.  We have to push students toward creating, collaborating, and PUBLISHING in our schools so they can develop a powerful, positive footprint that can give them an edge in whatever future path they choose!