Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Quick thoughts about Yong Zhao keynote, ISTE 2012

Quick thought after watching the brilliant Yong Zhao's keynote at ISTE this morning:

This guy is brilliant. Imagine a leader like this on a national level, how much our schools could change for the better

The point about confidence is so critical. The spirit of innovation is grounded in belief in ones self working in an environment that grows freedom and risk.

Love the point about tolerance leading to innovation and success. The more diversity that is valued, the more opportunities those diverse talents will be recognized and cultivated. This is a major reason why I have a lot of faith in our youth, despite their current bastardized version of schooling- they are the most tolerant and accepting generation to ever come up.

It's so interesting to see the opposite directions of USA and china's approaches to Ed reform- both trying to become the other.

One thought that always runs through my mind when the testing agenda is revealed- why are we teachers always so ready to nod and go along with reforms that we know will harm kids? Is it because the vast majority of teachers were good students who respected authority? Is it because we've become so accustomed to the flavor of the day changing so often that we just try to weather the storm? What could it possibly take for all of us to finally come together and take a stand?