Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wanna fly some paper airplanes?

So I'm very excited to be presenting 2 sessions titled "Nurturing Collaboration, Creation, and Publication in Today's Digital Classroom" in Honolulu on June 5th and 6th.  Part of this session will be about how we need to shift our thinking in schools in regards to digital/global collaboration.  I'm going to push to move past connecting with other classrooms/schools in superficial ways (sharing knowledge about each other's day to day life, for example) and toward a deeper level of collaboration which involves building knowledge together, tinkering, experimenting, and problem solving.....together.

As part of this, I was going to be creating some paper airplanes with participants and would love to invite more to contribute!  If you have about 5 minutes, could you play along and make some paper airplanes with us?  Check out the directions and Google Form below to help and THANKS!!!!!

And I almost forgot to ask- if anyone wants to Skype in during the session and do this live, that would be awesome! - The times would be around 7:05-7:30 PM EST on June 5th and 3:05-3:30 PM EST on June 6th.  Email me at to set this up!