Monday, August 1, 2011


So I've been working my little fanny off on a project and am now ready to finally share it out! It's

So what is this? It started off as some tutorial videos I was creating for my staff at JN Fries Middle School. As I created this resource for their use this coming year, I thought these videos should be things I should share out. So I bought the domain name last spring and started creating more videos than I ever intended to create (whoops)...

To focus the videos I put up, I decided to align them with my book and put them into three main categories- tools for newbies, tools for developing users, and tools for advanced users. Then I pulled a sampling of each section of the book and went from there. I think the pages turned out well, plus I put links to download any of the tutorials for your own use (mp4, wmv, and ipod versions).

What I would really LOVE to see happen with this site, however, is for teachers to have a hub of classroom ideas that they can learn from and also contribute to- real ideas with examples of how each tool has been used with students. So each tool page has 2 links- one to a Google Form, where we can submit ideas for classroom use. The other link is the output of those submissions and should update automatically for each tool. Let's see if we can make this grow! I shared the site with Kyle Pace while it was still halfway done about a month ago and wondered if folks would actually start contributing. As he said, you never know until you let's give it a try. =)

I also started a blog for people to subscribe to, to stay aware of any updates or additions that are made to the site going forward. Find that at .

So there you have it! Please share with anyone you think will benefit and I will start spreading it around my school system so we can start generating ideas!