Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Some Photoshop practice

It's my anniversary (8 years- woohoo!!! I married waaaay up) and I was looking through some photos from our wedding. I found the picture below with my sister's ex-husband in it and decided to photoshop him out. I figured I'd share, even though it's not my best work it's still fun to tinker around with this kind've stuff!



If you've never tried photoshop (or other image editors) before, here are some quick tips as to how to do this stuff.
  • First remove the objects you want out. Do this by using the lasso tool to select the objects. I used the magnetic lasso tool in photoshop, which kind've "sticks" to the sides/pixels of the object to get a more accurate selection. Once you've selected what you want to get rid of, delete the selection.
  • Next, take a good look at the walls and items in the rest of the picture and figure out what belongs where. For this one, the molding was there as well as a pillar. I also had to recreate a pew on the left side where the dude's arm came down. Try to use the same picture to pull what you need from- if you try to match with another picture the odds are pretty high that the lighting will be slightly different, which stands out when you try to match it up.
  • The next tool in photoshop that works this magic is the stamp tool. Basically you give a destination spot (alt-click on where you want to pull from), then go to the area you need to fill in and click/fill in. You might have to zoom in to get tight around the other objects in the picture (in the case above, the hair of my beautiful wifey, the hair of my sister, the molding). Stamp as much as you can get away with.
  • Next, there might be some areas that you simply have to create. In the pic above, I had to create the lefthand side of the pillar on the left. To do this, I selected the pillar on the right, copied it, then flipped it to the left. It turned out OK. It's a little wider than it's supposed to be, but I'm probably the only one who would ever notice.
  • Next, clean up- zoom back out to the full picture and look carefully for things you've missed or need to fix. In this one, I had chopped off some of my wife's hair so I had to go back to the original picture, select the left side, copy it, then paste it over top the new pic. That worked well.
So there you have it- how to get rid of doofuses or ex's out of your pictures. Can't wait to send this to my Mom...she's gonna love it. ha!

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