Thursday, March 31, 2011

Webinar Recording up!

The link to the recording of my webinar last week is now up. If you'd like to take a look, here's the link: Webinar.

In the session, I focused on building a learning environment on the solid ground of flexible problem-solving. On top of that foundation lay the three main pillars I love to see: collaboration, creation, and publication.

So in this webinar we got to play with some digital tools that enhance each of these areas:

Collaboration: Scribblar, ePals
Creation: Picnik, Aviary
Publication: KidBlog, Weebly

What I thought went well:
  • It was fun to be able to let people play with Scribblar during the webinar. It made things more interactive.
  • I felt like the tools that I featured are really good examples.
  • I felt very comfortable in the webinar environment. This was my first one so I wasn't sure how it would "feel." But it felt natural.
What I'll try and do better with next time:
  • I think I packed too much into an hour, what with all the playing we were able to do. Would probably just cut down to one tool for each category and play more.
  • I'd like to think of more ways to encourage conversation and participants offering more ideas. That's hard to do with a webinar because I know probably 80% of people don't want to speak up in this environment (microphone fear? not wanting to contribute?) I understand it because I've done it many times myself- just sit and listen and receive and let someone else be the loud one in the group. We'll see if I can bring out more conversation in the next one.

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