Thursday, March 31, 2011

Webinar Recording up!

The link to the recording of my webinar last week is now up. If you'd like to take a look, here's the link: Webinar.

In the session, I focused on building a learning environment on the solid ground of flexible problem-solving. On top of that foundation lay the three main pillars I love to see: collaboration, creation, and publication.

So in this webinar we got to play with some digital tools that enhance each of these areas:

Collaboration: Scribblar, ePals
Creation: Picnik, Aviary
Publication: KidBlog, Weebly

What I thought went well:
  • It was fun to be able to let people play with Scribblar during the webinar. It made things more interactive.
  • I felt like the tools that I featured are really good examples.
  • I felt very comfortable in the webinar environment. This was my first one so I wasn't sure how it would "feel." But it felt natural.
What I'll try and do better with next time:
  • I think I packed too much into an hour, what with all the playing we were able to do. Would probably just cut down to one tool for each category and play more.
  • I'd like to think of more ways to encourage conversation and participants offering more ideas. That's hard to do with a webinar because I know probably 80% of people don't want to speak up in this environment (microphone fear? not wanting to contribute?) I understand it because I've done it many times myself- just sit and listen and receive and let someone else be the loud one in the group. We'll see if I can bring out more conversation in the next one.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Digital Tools for Teaching Webinar this Saturday!

I wanted to make sure everyone knew that I'll be doing my first webinar for my publisher, Maupin House, this Saturday (the 26th) at 1:00 EST. The title is "Using Digital Tools for Teaching."

In this webinar I'm going to share some strategies for using digital tools with kids that I've found to be really effective, focused on three main points.

Helping students to use digital tools to:
  • Collaborate: We'll look at some easy-to-use tools that help students better connect and collaborate on projects
  • Create: Here we'll check out some tools that let students express their creativity and create something original
  • Publish: Finally, we'll look at some ways to put student work out into the digital world so it can be seen and improved by the community.
Each step along the way I hope you'll join into the conversation to help shape the direction we take as a group. This won't be a sit and get session- if you come, please feel free to stop and interject ideas at any time. I welcome all conversation and feedback!

Here's the link to register and I hope to see you there!