Monday, February 7, 2011

What I'm Reading, What I Plan on Reading....

Thought I'd throw this out there, because I'm always interested in hearing what people are reading (which is the main way I found the books below):

Have read recently:
-Drive, Daniel Pink
-The Stand, Stephen King (got halfway through, then lost the book...doh. But I've read it before)
-Teaching the iGeneration, Bill Ferriter (need to write an Amazon review of this one yet...good book!)

Reading right now:
-Mindset, Carol Dweck
-Also rereading parts of Drive

In the queue:
-The Element, Sir Ken Robinson
-Making Learning Whole, David N. Perkins
-Alfie Kohn- still need to read more of Alfie, but not sure which book to start with


Tracy M. Custer said...

I can send Punished by Rewards (Alfie Kohn) your way. It has been many years, but it was an thought-provoking read.

edtechsteve said...

Tracy, that would be awesome. I can't promise I won't mark it all up though... hmmmm maybe I need to get my own.

Esspweb said...

Tracy i am with you. I like too Punished by Rewards.
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