Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Powerpoint + Animoto + KidBlog = Rock on!

These last two days I've been working with some kids in my school on a poetry project. The teacher wanted them to be able to publish their poetry in a creative way and then link it to their blogs. We decided to go with the following process and it's worked out really well- in just two class periods, all the students were able to create 10-15 pictures that represented each line of their poem, export them as jpg files, sign up for Animoto, import pictures and select music, finalize their videos, then embed them into their Kidblog space. Very cool!

Here's what we did:
  1. Each student created a Powerpoint show where each slide contained a line from their poem as well as a visual representation of what their poem meant.
  2. We exported the Powerpoint slides as jpg's. To do this, just go to "Save as" and choose the JPEG option. It asks if you want to export every slide (say yes). This creates a folder with each of their slides turned into jpg pictures.
  3. Have students sign up for Animoto. We did this by creating gmail accounts for each class period, signing up for Animoto for educators here, then having students sign up using the g-mail sub-account trick. Note: students must be 13 or older to sign up for Animoto
  4. When students sign up for Animoto, remember to display the promo code you were given from Animoto so that they can enter that to be able to create full-length videos!
  5. Once students were in Animoto, we had them upload the pictures they had exported from Powerpoint, add a title slide that had the title of the poem and their name, select music, and finalize.
  6. Once the movie was complete, we had students grab the embed code, copy and paste it into a new post on their Kidblog (which is very simple- all they have to do is make sure they click the HTML tab and paste it into a new KidBlog post).
Voila! 2 days and some really cool projects, ready to be reflected and commented on by other students, staff, and parents! I'd throw a link to some of the finished products, but the teachers are not quite ready to take the final leap of widespread publishing to the world and I respect that. :)

Let me know if you need any help with any of these steps- it really is a simple, fun way to get kids involved and can be used with far more than just poetry- any type of visual representations in Powerpoint can be turned into an Animoto movie pretty painlessly and it offers students a way to express themselves creatively. In fact, the best one of the bunch these past two days was done by a student who is very much a loner and not very outgoing- well it turns out she's quite the artist and was able to put her talent on display. I couldn't be more proud!

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Carrie Nelson said...

How do I get an embed code from animoto?