Friday, January 7, 2011

Adding customized looks to your Google Form directions

The directions box in Google Forms is pretty straightforward. But sometimes it would be nice to add some layout changes such as bold, centered text, etc. I was just showing my principal how to do a few of these tricks, so I thought I'd write up a little post on how to add some customized looks to the directions of your Google Forms. Remember- these tips only apply to the directions area of the form- the actual questions themselves are not customizable with code.

While trying to add this post with directions, things got I decided just to make a short video instead (put it to full screen and HD to see the codes clearly):

So there you have it- some basic codes to help spruce up your directions section of your Google Forms (at least until they add this functionality- which has to be on the horizon, right?).

Link to more html codes to play with if you'd like

Link to site to easily copy/paste html color codes, as described in the video

Here's a paper copy of the same directions that you can use to copy/paste code from.

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