Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The first and last post about myself

Welcome to the first and last post that I'll ever talk about myself.... (definitely a good thing).

Ever since my book has officially been released, I've been struggling with walking a line I've never had to walk before- the balance between promoting myself/my book (what I don't like to do at all) and wanting to make a big difference (which is something that, if a bunch of teachers read my book, I think I could make). I'm very comfortable speaking and writing about a wide array of issues surrounding education and technology, yet I am very uncomfortable when someone praises me or my work. I don't like the spotlight on me at all- I'd much rather it be on the great teachers and students I work with. This sounds crazy, but I'm even embarrassed writing this post- I just don't like talking about myself, plain and simple.

I am proud of how the book turned out and I truly believe that if every teacher had a copy, we'd have a much better shot at seeing some of the things we'd love to see in today's classrooms, with both instruction and the use of educational technology. And while I'm proud of it, it's been much more about the accomplishment of actually doing it and it's chance to help, rather than making any sort of money from the book or other opportunities that may arise as an outgrowth. In short, I don't want to be well known or well paid- I just want to help as many teachers and students as I can.

So why am I writing all this? I guess I want people to understand why I react weirdly when someone asks me to autograph a book or compliments my work. I want folks to know that I do appreciate the recognition and praise very much, even if I seem awkward when you're offering it (not that I've been showered with praise, by the way).

In the past year or so, I've toyed with the idea of becoming an independent consultant or even starting my own consultant business with some awesome folks I've met online and off. I've been lucky enough to have done some of those gigs and have some pretty great connections that I think would invite me into their buildings, districts, and businesses. I'm positive it would pay a lot more money than my little old teacher contract. I'm positive it would be challenging. I'm positive I could make an impact in the places I would visit. But after thinking about it a lot, I'm also positive that this just ain't my path. I'm not a businessman. I'm not a brown noser. I don't shmooze well. I don't like to be away from my family. I'm not a marketer, especially when it would be myself that I'm marketing. It feels good and freeing to know myself well enough to veer away from that path.

So if anyone is interested in knowing, I'm going to just keep plugging along- helping as much as I can and turning red when someone comes up to compliment me or asks me to autograph a book. Because that's me.

Let me know if I can help!


Dorene Bates said...

I really enjoyed your post. I wonder if teachers as a whole were better at "tooting their own horns" if the profession would be more respected and paid better? However, I also realize that the best teachers are not really in teaching for the money, but for the lives they touch. Thank you for all you do.

Michael Trump said...

Will you autograph my book? :)

edtechsteve said...

Dorene- thanks and you're right I think.

Mike- Shaddup. =P