Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Scribblar - Awesome collaborative whiteboard

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I’d like to introduce you to Scribblar – a new online tool to enhance collaboration in your classroom. It’s easy to set up, maintain, and is completely FREE!

So what is Scribblar? It’s a whiteboard that is housed online at http://Scribblar.com. On this board, students can draw, create shapes and lines, insert images, add textboxes, utilize highlighter ink, and much more!

But the real power of Scribblar is its potential as a collaborative space for your students. All you need to do is send the link to students and they can work together on the same whiteboard, in real time! To enhance the collaborative nature, Scribblar also provides a chat space to the side of the whiteboard. And if that isn’t enough, students can also utilize the Microphone button to broadcast their thoughts and ideas to the group.

The rooms are easy to manage and give you control over whether the room is locked, public or private. Within the room, you can also add multiple pages so that students can work on different steps together. The rooms also persist online so that students can interact with the page both at home or at school.

The potential for this tool in your classroom is enormous! You could create rooms with pages of math problems for small groups to solve together, at home or school. You could post short reading passages and ask your students to highlight parts of the text depending on what they are studying. You might ask students to collaborate and create a new map for the country you are working on in social studies. And, beyond your personal classroom, Scribblar could be used with students in different classes from around the world. The only limit to this tool is your own imagination.

I encourage you to give Scribblar a try and report back how you were able to use it with your students for enhanced digital collaboration!