Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Creating a flash game from Powerpoint

Worked through an interesting question today and thought I'd share how to do this.

I had an awesome 7th grade teacher come to me and ask if we could somehow turn this Vocabulary Powerpoint (it's not done yet- it's just a skeleton- she'll be finishing it up in the next couple weeks) into some form that could be hosted on the internet and clicked through in the way that it works when you start the show in ppt. My first thought was to try and upload it to Slideshare and see if it would: a) work properly, b) be embeddable from Slideshare. Well, it didn't work properly after uploading to Slideshare, so that didn't do the trick.

Then I thought it would be perfect if I could somehow convert the ppt show to a flash file. I've never done this (and there might be easier ways to do it), but here is how I did it:

1) Download/Install iSpring Free from here (this is a ppt to flash conversion program).
2) This embeds a new toolbar into Powerpoint. Open Powerpoint file and click the new "Publish" button on your toolbar
3) Tell where to save the file and choose what other options are appropriate for you. I unchecked "Start presentation automatically" since the file she gave me was more a clickable game.
4) After publishing, locate the new .swf file that it created.
5) Host the .swf file somewhere (or, if you're familiar with inserting flash files, embed the code to your site).
6) The direct link to the swf file should work! (Example here) - Keep in mind that this is just the skeleton so far- she has only done her Unit 7 words and only a few of those. She'll also be getting rid of the title slide so that it flows better

I can see this being a real easy way to convert some of those old PPT games that have been around forever into an easier, more portable way to use the game. Or, like this teacher is doing, creating nonlinear activities in Powerpoint and then being able to host them fairly easily on the web.

UPDATE: Just decided to try and find one of the old Jeopardy PPT's to see if this would work, and it seems to work well with it (check it out here). I think this could be a much better way for teachers to use their old favorites in ppt- students can have access anywhere there is a connection.

Update #2: Vanessa Cassie had her IT person send her this licensing info about the program, iSpring, above:

"Spring Free comes as a freeware for personal and private use only, for unlimited period of time free of charge. For commercial or educational use including any field that do not belong to sole private use: e.g. all kinds of use in the range of any profession, you must license the business versions."

Thanks for catching this Vanessa!

Because of this licensing issue, I did find the following site that gives some good alternatives for converting ppt to flash: 6 ways to convert ppt to flash


Vanessa Cassie said...

This is fantastic! I would take it a step further and embed the .swf file directly into SMART Notebook -- something that teachers are always asking me how to do. Thanks for sharing this valuable tip!

Leslie said...

Great news! iSpring Free is now available for educational use for absolutely free!

Max said...

I am looking for power point to flash solution

I have found this one

Did anybody used it?