Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fake Facebook Page Fun

All right, so a Social Studies teacher came to me with an awesome idea today- she wanted her students to create fake Facebook pages of historical figures and wasn't sure how to go about it. We pondered creating Nings with fake profiles, but she needed it quickly and this was something we could whip up on short notice!

I decided to do a MS Publisher Template and had too much fun with it not to share. Here is Abe Lincoln's fake Facebook page! I can say this was a good review for me, even- and hopefully the kids will like creating their own from this template!

I created a template for a wall as well as a template for just a regular profile.
Here are a couple versions of each:

Abe Facebook Page- Wall Posts

Abe Facebook Page- Profile

If you or your students can use this in any way, feel free to pass them on!!!


Mrs. Shafer said...

I love this idea and am passing it on to classroom teachers!

Gravity Makes The World Go Round said...

Where is the template? Do you have a blank one?

M_Posey said...

I am a student and i think this a fun assignment, its very easy but you also learn a lot about your person.

KeepinItGroovy said...

This is amazing!!! I used this idea for my own character page and it was extrememely poplar. Brilliant!!! Thank you!!

AbbieBallerina465 said...

How you edit the template confuses me. How do you edit the pdf verson?

Maurice Chrystler said...

Great idea! This will gain more to the people in doing their own facebook fan page and we must be trying all the very best for it!

Steve Johnson @edtechsteve said...

Hey there Abbie- Don't try to have students edit the pdf version- use the MS Word or MS Publisher versions instead. Good luck!