Monday, February 15, 2010

Ed Leaders- What I want, what I don't want

This quick post was sitting alone....long ago ramblings that I'm deciding I want to hit publish on.

What I want and don't want in an educational leader (from principal, to superintendent, to Secretary of Education):

I want an educational leader that has had a kid puke in the middle of the lesson. I want a leader that has been asked "Why do I need to learn this?" I want a leader that has gone home smelling like trash because the student that lives in a shack has given them a hug at the end of the day. I want someone that knows what it's like to have THEIR life changed by a student, not the other way around. I want someone that can practice what they preach.

I don't want someone who has sponsored a backpack drive for a school district. I want someone who has GIVEN a backpack to one of their students. I don't want someone that has served as director of a program that helps inner-city youth learn and give back to their community- I want someone who has done this with ONE student and felt the impact that this kind of outreach has on their own thinking and feelings. I don't want a leader that visits classrooms and then takes off, spouting off about all the inspiring stories they hear. I want them to BE the inspiring story to a student somewhere.

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