Monday, November 9, 2009

Digital Footprints - Your New First Impression

I created this video after reading about a Harris Interactive poll in June regarding how employers are increasing their use of social networking sites to screen job candidates (Link to article explaining this info). This is a process that is increasing at a rapid pace and the word needs to get out there.

This is such critical information to start sharing with our students (and the public in general). The simple fact is that in a few years this is going to very much be standard practice. You can pretty much guarantee that employers are going to be using information posted online to judge a candidate before they ever set foot in the door! This means that you've got a new first impression, folks!

Now, here's the thing- this is actually good news! You can use this information to your advantage by being aware of this reality and starting to create a POSITIVE online impression rather than a negative one. Your digital footprint can be the difference between you and another candidate- yes, it allows your future employer insights into how you spend your time socially, but it can also show off your accomplishments and your willingness to work with others constructively on the Internet.

If you are reading this, please share this information and/or video with your students! Let's spread the word.

Here is a link to the mp4 file, stored on my dropbox: Digital Footprints - Your New First Impression


Tom said...

This is great! I simply loved it. Please consider posting this on the Educator's PLN Ning. Other educators need to see this. I am sharing it with all my Pre-service teachers. Thanks for producing this.

edtechsteve said...

Thanks, Tom! I've been trying, but it's not uploading properly. Think I'm going to convert it on my other computer and try a different format.

And thanks for sharing this info!

Leslie Raffelson said...

Very nice presentation! The content is great. Thanks.

EdTechSandyK said...

Steve, this is AWESOME! Very visual with snatches of facts and research. I love it and can't wait to share it with folks!

I think you're right about the copyright issues in the original, although I LOVE the songs you picked!

The unofficial recommendation from CONFU is no more than 30 seconds or 10% of an individual musical work, whichever is shorter. And that only applies when the work is NOT distributed over an electronic network. If distributed over an unsecure network (I think Blogger and YouTube fit that description), permission from the copyright holder should be sought.

See info here:

Great job! Thanks for sharing!!!

edtechsteve said...

Thanks Sandy for that info. I'm a music nerd, so it's hard for me to part with the songs, but if I have to I have to.

Anyone know a good site with decent non-musaky music that I could incorporate instead?

ejulez said...

Great job Steve. Will definitely share. Great way to look at it and very good information.

Debbie G. said...

I just loved this. Great way of emphasizing the importance of monitoring every step you make online!

Glenys said...

Thanks so much. It was really catchy and I would definitely like to use it with my students. I appreciate the work you have done to get the message out.

apple said...

i love this video, and i hope it's ok if i share it in class with my students. we've been working on an Internet Literacy unit and this will really help them to understand the impact of their online persona. thanks for creating and sharing!

Danika Barker said...

Thanks so much! Will be using this tomorrow. Was shocked that so few of my students knew that employers checked out their facebook pages!

Sam said...

Thank you Steve! This is outstanding! I posted a copy on my wikispace--->

Upper Moreland School District

Fifth Business said...

Edtechsteve, for creative common music that sounds good... try:

Think you'll find the music your video deserves...


Enlightenment said...

What a great video - I posted it on my blog where I also have a collection of Educational Videos. Thank you for making and sharing this.

Karen Brooks

Sheri said...

I'll be retweeting and referring this video to many others, not just in education, but I will definitely share this with my students and grandchildren :) Thanks for your facts and creativity to create the message for a visual, social world :)