Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Let's Build the Ideal 21st Century School

I'm thinking that I'd like to get the ball rolling on building the very first school through online collaboration. I'm envisioning each week of our #edchat discussion turning into another piece of the puzzle. I've created a group on @tomwhitby's new EDUPLN Ning to manage this process (Link to group here).

Each week, I'll post a new discussion thread in this group whose purpose is to extend the discussion towards answering the question: What would ______________ look like in an actual, ideal 21st Century School? I'll then summarize thoughts on this topic in a blog post and update this Webspiration Doc to reflect our current thoughts (If you'd like to be added as a collaborator on this map, email me at edtechsteve@gmail.com and I'll be glad to invite you).

Some assumptions I want participants to make when tackling discussions:
-We're in this together and everyone has a relevant, meaningful voice
-This school will become reality
-Money is not a barrier

I'm truly excited to see how this school takes shape! Once this school DOES take shape, the goal of this project will shift towards making it a reality. Whether it is through applying for grants such as the Invest in Innovation project through the federal government, working with a state department of instruction, independent financiers (Helloooooo Mr. Gates!), or however.....we can make this happen! The beautiful thing is that by the end of this process we will have a school that has been approached from all angles by many experts in the field and will be, in the language of the stimulus bill, SHOVEL READY...=).

Some Questions and Possible Answers:

What if major disagreements occur within the group? I'd like to let the debate flesh itself out as much as possible, then take it to a group vote via Google Forms.

Where would this school be located? No idea. Let's build it, then worry about actually building it. :)

Who funds this school? No clue....yet. Some lucky visionary. =)

Are you crazy? Kind've. I blame my Dad and Grandpa


Techteacher said...

Love this idea- I've been thinking about something along the same lines for the past few months, but hadn't considered the power of collectively pooling ideas through social networking. I'm in and looking forward to hashing out ideas on Educator's PLN.

monika hardy said...

cool jets. i'm in.

i think it should be an online school - with little pods across the world for face-to-face opportunities.

so my pod meets face to face with me - but has expert teachers and classes all over via ning, etc.

just excitedly thinking aloud - that location shouldn't limit who gets to get going on this...

edtechsteve said...

I'm really looking forward to getting into the "online" vs. "bricks" discussion as it comes up in the next few months, Monika. Without jumping the gun too much, my gut tells me there's a place for both.

Looking forward to seeing your contributions!

John Howell said...

Hey there Crazy Steve,

Love this idea ~ I am very interested to see how it takes shape. Have you stumbled across any of David Jakes ideas about "Learning Spaces?" He speaks passionately about how to actually physically design schools and classrooms in a way that looks very different from today's classroom. Here is a post littered with links and ideas about the designing of schools.

Hope this adds value to the discussion.