Friday, May 8, 2009

Teachers Rock!

Well, it's teacher appreciation week so I thought I'd give some shout-outs....

There are so many amazing, compassionate, driven, awesome teachers out there. I've had the VERY good fortune of working with multiple schools and school systems as a teacher, tech facilitator, observer, or consultant- so I have seen my share of great teachers.

Let there be no mistake about it: There is no harder job in the world of education than classroom teacher. None, zippo, zilch. The hours to put in, the paperwork, the dealing with parents, the attempts to differentiate instruction for 24 completely separate students (or 24 x how many periods are taught), the grading, the progress reports, the IEP meetings, the meetings after school, the extra duties, eating lunch with 100's of kids every day, the incredibly varied backgrounds and prior experiences of students, and a million other things.

There are so many teachers that deal with all of this stuff and STILL deliver for their students every day- not just in teaching/leading them but developing the kinds of relationships that can literally save these kids lives. Rock on!

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