Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Notes in the Margin....

So I was sitting on the beach in Hobe Sound, the middle of what I will call a "3-beer work session". Basically, I'm reading Grown Up Digital by Don Tapscott and Multiple Intelligences: Best Ideas from Research and Practice by Mindy Kornhaber and scribbling my notes into the margins, highlighting things I'd like to come back to, etc. (you know- real old school note-taking type of stuff). When I realize that there could be a much better way....

What if there were a site that you could copy/paste/feed articles, passages, or blogs into and then have space in the margins for comments, videos, allow users to highlight, etc. Basically I'm picturing a voicethread environment for thinkers and ponderers. A place where a group could all read and point out different parts of the piece they agree with, disagree with, etc.- where it would all be on one page and interactive. To use the Voicethread example- the pictures of a voicethread would be replaced with pages of an article, sections of a book, or blog posts. On either side would be the comments, videos, audio, etc.

You take a traditional blog post like this, for example. Sure, you can comment and others can reply to comments. But this is pretty rudimentary and doesn't encourage much interaction, point/counterpoint, etc. Plus, it doesn't have the ability to add audio, video, etc.

Now here's the thing- this probably already exists. I just haven't been able to find it yet. I just think it would be a really cool way to bring out and develop ideas. Plus, I wouldn't have to freak out if I drop my book/notebook into the sand anymore, which is a huge plus.

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