Sunday, May 17, 2009

Geekiest Lawncare ever?

Before I start, I must apologize for this educational technology blog having nothing to do with educational technology, really. That'll change....sometime...but not today. :)

I just finished doing my yard, which is one of my least favorite things to do. Not quite as bad as jumping naked on a huge pile of thumbtacks or cleaning all the bathrooms in Grand Central Station with my tongue (props to Weird Al), but still- not my perfect Sunday morning thang. So I decided to spice it up a bit- geek it out a little, you know?

So I bring my ipod Touch and my Garmin GPS. I'm rocking out to my Genius playlist (based on The Humpty Dance) when lo and behold I come across one of my many fireant hills. I never know which are active and which are dead until I run the beast over, then I always forget which ones are which- so...I whip out the Garmin, tag the coordinates, then get back to mowing. Now I can find the bad guys later and kill the right piles (although I've also read that mowing over the piles is the absolute worst thing you can's how they spread so quickly. Whoops).

So I finish mowing/tagging and start the second act of the Great Lawn Dance of Suckiness- Weed whacking. I'm buzzing along and I realize my weed whacker stops it's primary function- the whacking of the weeds. I investigate further and the twine has retracted into the spool. The cylinder is spinning but the twine is nowhere to be seen. Now, you might have figured this out about me but if you haven't I'll tell you- I don't know how to fix weed whackers. Or lawn mowers. Or cars. Or anything else mechanical. So I bend down, fiddle with the knob to try to turn some more twine out and have little success.

My first instinct is probably what most geeks would do- search online for the manual, read it, then wrestle and hope. But I'm all covered in grass and don't feel like getting to my computer so BOOM the iTouch comes out. I'm hooked into my home wireless so I go online, enter the model and serial #, bring up the manual and follow directions (if you're interested in how to do this- you hold the disk down, then turn the knob counterclockwise, open the spool, clean it out, feed the twine through the holes, then replace everything). Now, it didn't exactly work and I decided to mess with it later....but still- I think I at least now know in theory how it it supposed to work =).

So I thought I'd share my geeky lawncare. =)

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